Emotion Detection System Integrated with Camera.

1 months to go (1 months to go until merger deadline)

Rs.1,00,000 Prize Money

Emotion Detection System Integration of Camera


Emotions critically influence all aspects of our lives, from how we live, work, learn and play, to the decisions we make, big and small. Emotions drive how we communicate and connect with each other, and impact our health and well-being. Human emotional intelligence (or your EQ) is our ability to recognize not only our own emotions but also those of other people, and to use emotions to guide our behaviour, adapt to different environments and achieve our goals. Humans with high EQ lead more successful professional and personal lives – they are more likable and more persuasive, tend to be more effective leaders, and generally lead healthier, happier and even longer lives.

Today, our lives play out in a digital world. We are surrounded by lots of hyper-connected systems, smart devices and advanced AI (artificial intelligence) systems. In other words, lots of IQ, but no EQ. That’s a problem, especially as our interactions with technology are becoming more conversational and relational. Just look at how we use our mobile devices and interact with intelligent agents such as Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. These technologies that are designed to interact with humans need emotional intelligence to be effective. Specifically, they need to be able to sense human emotions and then adapt their operation accordingly.

With our daily busy schedules, the home is one of the main locations where we could unwind and relax. With the implementation of an effective smart home system, the relaxation time could begin as soon as the homeowners return home. Automated smart home control system that detects the homeowners emotion via facial detection. The system is capable of boosting the mood and emotion of the residents by controlling the electronic lighting and equipment in their home. By adjusting, the lighting conditions automatically could create a welcoming effect for the homeowners. Besides that, the system is also able to reduce energy usage via sensors, which would detect human presence in specific rooms. As such, the implementation of the system require a number of processes along with initial testing to ensure a smooth system operation. Based on our testing and evaluation, the proposed system is able to detect both facial and emotion in an effective manner.


Necessity Conditions For Emotion detection system integrated with camera Category-

  • This switch must contain atleast 3 mode based on emotions.
  • The participant can be used different lighting condition to validate the device performance.
  • It must be implemented through face or voice.
  • It must contain some response.
  • The hardware will be tested and treated as a fully functional application and semi-functional will not be accepted.
  • It must give notification on smart-phone.
  • It should be Integrated with human and computer vision system.


The winner will be decided on the basis of Least complexity of the algorithm, Fastest response time and the lowest prices of the equipment used and The testing result will be given after one week submission of hardware.


  • Winner- 1 Lakh INR
  • First Runner Up- 50,000 INR
  • Second Runner Up- 30,000 INR


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